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We Re-Certify & Repair Fire Equipment


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Fire Extinguisher Service

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance is required by both state and federal laws to ensure their proper operation during the time when they are mostly needed and help the businesses remain in compliance with the fire and safety regulations. Our team of experience technicians will verify and ensure the following during your fire extinguisher service:
No clogged hoses or nozzles.
No obvious corrosion or damage.
Located in designated areas.
Pressure gauge in operable position.
No obstructions to access or visibility.
Operating instructions visible.
Fullness by weight.
Last hydro test date.
If everything checks out, your fire extinguisher will get new tamper seals and certifications tags showing the dates and year the annual fire extinguisher service was completed on.

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Our Mission Is Your Satisfaction

Expert work that is purely focused around providing 100% customer satisfaction


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We take safety very serious. No shortcuts, no compromises.


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We come in and get the job done. We don't waste your time. We do what we say and we do it fast without compromising safety or quality.

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